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Heartshot is the new gamer community for
gamer singles, gamer chat and gamer dating.

Just making new acquaintances online
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Find enthusiastic gamers from your area and
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We are an authentic community with real profiles.
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  • Masterslayer
     40*** Düsseldorf
  • Alriken
     28*** Bremen
  • Tron
     53*** Bonn
  • Hammerberti
     44*** Herne
  • Orion
     46*** Oberhausen
  • LIahJ
     55*** Simmertal
  • Astian
     36*** Bebra
  • Greta
     01*** Vilnius
  • Nightwatcher_HH
     22*** Hamburg Othmarschen
  • Abyssos
     93*** Maxhütte-Haidhof
  • Antibus
     44*** Dortmund
  • Saarstahl
     66*** Saarbrücken

Real profiles of authentic Gamer singles. All photos verified by hand.
Permanently make Gamer contacts and write messages for free.
With area search. Find Gamers from your surroundings.
Extensive features. Secure technology. Reliable service.

  • PlayWorld
     35*** Marburg
  • Kali
     90*** Nürnberg
  • Tomy
     31** RUTA 138 KILOMETRO 1 1/2
  • bouchi
     39*** Magdeburg
  • twen
     50*** Bergheim
  • alientima
     35*** Haiger
  • Nyran
     45*** Gelsenkirchen
  • Padox
     95*** Hof
  • Rala
     34*** Kassel
  • Fabio
     56*** Pisa
  • Kai
     58*** Iserlohn
  • DarkAngel91
     59*** Unna

Gaming is your passion and you are looking for someone to share it with you?

You just want to meet new people to play games together?

Find your gamer date in our gamer singles and dating community, and maybe even the love of your life.

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Heartshot is the gamer community for gamer singles, gamer chat, gamer dating or just to find new fellow gamers.

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Find gamers from your surrounding area – easily with our circumcircle search.

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Heartshot is the new dating platform for all gamers, players and geeks. Gaming is a passion of all of us. And this passion wants to be shared. On Heartshot you can find your gamer flirt, talk in the gamer chat, and go on a gamer date. Or you can just find new fellow gamers for your favorite games. We are a gamer dating site and gamer community at the same time. Our area search helps you to find gamer singles or just new fellow gamers from your surroundings for joint gaming sessions and real life meetings.

No matter if you call yourself a gamer, player, geek, nerd, cosplayer, LARPer, otaku, anime fan or manga fan, elf or orc: We welcome you to our community. Use our gamer dating site to find other enthusiastic gamer singles and go on your gamer date. Meet new gamers from your vicinity who play the same games as you.

Our games database is huge and virtually complete! We support all games of all established systems, consoles and platforms from PC, XBox, Playstation and Switch to Android and iOS to retro consoles and classic systems like C64, Amiga, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Game Boy, DS, Wii, etc. It's all there! On Heartshot you will find like-minded gamers and maybe even the gamer love of your life. We are the gamer community for gamer singles and gamer dating. By gamers for gamers. Gamer dating redefined. Permanently free.