Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

As the sole survivor of Team November, a Ranger squad sent into the icy Colorado desert, you find that this is a land of hidden secrets, lost technology, fearsome madmen and deadly factions. No one here has ever heard of the Desert Rangers. You'll have to rebuild your reputation from the ground up, and your decisions can save the country or lead to its downfall. With a new focus on macro action, you'll choose between warring factions, decide whether to destroy or save places, and make other far-reaching decisions that will have a significant impact on shaping your world.


You push yourself off the ground. The biting wind scratches at your eyes and throat. Every inch of your body aches, but you are alive. Your comrades are not. They lie motionless, frozen beneath the bloody snow. You will join them if you don't get out of this storm. A light flickers in the howling darkness over a distant hill. Sighing, you make your way there.


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  • Belderon
     55*** Bad Kreuznach
  • Noctula
     42*** Solingen
  • AnBot2022
     53*** Bonn
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