The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a dark adventure game that describes the aftermath of William Gordon's tragic death. In the role of his grandson Samuel, players must uncover the truth behind the events of that fateful, stormy night.


Black Mirror Castle sits above ancient lands whose secrets are buried and best forgotten. The decaying ruins breathe a life of their own, haunted by the past and waiting to strike the present. After the sudden death of his grandfather, Samuel Gordon returns to his estate after a twelve-year absence. As he tries to understand the reasons behind his grandfather's death, he stumbles upon an old family secret. As Samuel learns the truth about the mysterious origins of the land and the history of Black Mirror Castle, he is confronted with madness, murder, and the true reflection of his soul.


1 / 1
  • Yoshytzu
     71*** Heimsheim
  • Anu
     57*** Finnentrop
1 / 1