Terranigma is an action role-playing game for the SNES. It is one of the few games that were never released in North America. The game is about a boy named Ark, whose destiny is to reawaken the Earth and contribute to the evolution of life.


The story consists of four chapters. In the first chapter, "The Fall", Ark is introduced as a boy who lives in Crysta, the only remaining village in the Underworld. He touches a mysterious box that freezes all the citizens of the village. By conquering towers in the underworld, Ark gradually unfreezes the villagers and accidentally resurrects the continents in the destroyed upper world. As a result, he is commissioned by the village elder to visit the upper world and revive life. In the second chapter, "Resurrection of the World," Ark resurrects all the plants of the world so that it is possible to cross the mountains of Guiana. In the second step, he revives all the birds, the wind, the animals and finally the people. In the third chapter, "Resurrection of the Genius," the village elder appears in Ark's dream and tells him to help humanity progress. Ark travels from town to town, helping with the growth of cities and the development of technology. But he also reawakens Beruga, a scientist who went into a sleep state when Earth was destroyed. He has a vision of a perfect world where most people are killed by a virus and only a few people live in the world by being turned into immortal zombies. The Elder reappears and tells Ark that his work is done and he can now die. Ark now realizes that as a human, he has been used by the dark side of Dark Gaia for its plans for world domination. Kumari, a wise man, teleports Ark away and tells him to look for five Star Stones to summon the Golden Child. Ark meets his light-side self, who kills the dark Ark. In the fourth and final chapter, "Ressurection of the Hero," Ark is reborn as a baby by the light Gaia. He defeats Beruga and then travels back to the Underworld to defeat Dark Gaia. The victory over Dark Gaia destroys the entire dark side, that is, the underworld with the village of Crysta. Knowing that he will be reborn, Ark accepts his fate and falls asleep.


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