Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming is the sixth part of the Silent Hill survival horror series. The gameplay is the same as in the predecessors. The player searches for items and uses weapons to defend himself against grotesque monsters, while solving puzzles to advance in the game. In combat, the player can perform light and heavy attacks or combine them into combos. For the first time in the series, the player can choose answers in dialog with other characters he/she encounters in the game, which can affect the rest of the storyline.


The story is about Alex Shepherd, a young man who returns to his hometown of Shepherd's Glen after a supposed discharge from the military and hospitalization for war injuries. Alex returns home to find that his father and younger brother Joshua have disappeared without a trace, as have many others in the town. He finds his mother in a depressed, almost catatonic state. Alex searches the town for his missing brother, uncovering the reasons for the strange events and the dark secrets of the neighboring town of Silent Hill.


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  • Aradulf
     89*** Giengen an der Brenz
  • Abyssos
     93*** Maxhütte-Haidhof
  • GamerFux
     76*** Kronau
  • Saverio
     90*** Palermo
  • Anu
     57*** Finnentrop
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