Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank is a platform/adventure game, similar to the 3D versions of Rayman, Sonic, Mario or other games. The two protagonists, Ratchet, a furry alien creature, and Clank, a nerdy little robot, go on a quest to find Captain Qwark and finally save the galaxy. Ratchet & Clank includes many of the best features of previous similar games, but makes itself unique in many ways. First, all of the game's levels are huge, sprawling landscapes with extremely detailed buildings that are visible at all times (i.e. there is no distance fog). This means that a building on the horizon is not just a "backdrop"; most likely, Ratchet will explore it in a few moments. Secondly, the game includes a number of sub-games, such as a space combat sequence and a series of turret shootouts reminiscent of Missile Command in first person. The game has over twenty levels (planets) and as many real-time cutscenes that tell the story. It is also worth noting that the story is not linear and the player must return to previous levels to fulfill objectives and choose between different paths. There is also a considerable variety of weapons, gadgets and accessories that you can find or buy during the game, which offer some unique gameplay features.


On a beautiful day on the planet Veldin, a furry Lombax named Ratchet is working on his spaceship when a robot crash lands near his home. Ratchet retrieves the robot from the wreckage and christens it "Clank." Clank shows Ratchet a recording of Chairman Drek of the Blarg race. In the recording, Drek explains that his home planet is so polluted that it has become uninhabitable. Drek's solution is to build a new planet for his race by mining areas from other planets! Even worse, Drek has developed a superweapon called the Deplanetizer that will destroy Veldin to make way for his new planet. Fearing that Drek will destroy everything in his path, Ratchet and Clank join forces for their first explosive adventure to save the galaxy.


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  • Achim
     45*** Gelsenkirchen
  • Cherrycola8
     56** Merenschwand
  • Yukisai
     03*** Cottbus
  • Marsi
     27*** Delmenhorst
  • Fips1710
     06*** Halle
  • 3solidsnake4u
     11** Wien, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus
  • Marks
     37** Klein-Meiseldorf
  • Justarandomwoman666
     30** Krokstadelva
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