Pokémon Yellow

Pokémon Yellow

An expanded version of Pokémon Red and Blue, Pokémon Yellow brings the video game experience closer to the Pokémon anime by starting the game with your own Pikachu following you on foot and collecting the 3 other stranger starters you meet in the region. However, your objective remains the same: catch them all and become the ultimate Pokémon master.


Like Pokémon Red and Blue, Yellow is set in the Kanto region, which provides habitats for 151 species of Pokémon. The objectives also remain the same, although there are some differences along the way. For example, at the beginning, the player does not have the option to choose one of three starters. Instead, a wild Pikachu that Professor Oak catches becomes the player's Pokémon, while the rival gets an Eevee that was meant for the player. The storyline is based on the anime and features characters that do not appear in the game or have been enhanced to resemble their anime counterparts, including Jessie, James, Meowth, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Similar to the anime, Pikachu refuses to evolve. Players also have the option of obtaining the three original starters. As the game progresses, players collect more Pokémon and use them to defeat the eight gym leaders and eventually the Elite Four.


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  • dragonheart0403
     63*** Wächtersbach
  • DarkAngel91
     59*** Unna
  • Luri
     44*** Dortmund
  • Kamisato
     20*** Hamburg Klostertor
  • Gian00
     21*** Borsano
  • Kalirina
     08*** Zwönitz
  • Rina13
     89** Hedingen
  • Norito1987
     27*** Verden (Aller)
  • Triss
     80** Graz,16.Bez.:Straßgang
  • Akira32
     26**** Oldenburg
  • Yumyumchen
     76*** Ettlingen
  • Kennox
     54** Baden
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