Pokémon Blue

Pokémon Blue

Pokémon Blue is the third Pokémon game in the core series, released as a small revision of Pokémon Red and Green, which were released in the same year. Thus, it was the first standalone version of the core Pokémon series. Among the various fixes in the game were an improvement in graphics and sound, as well as the elimination of several known bugs that had appeared in the original two games. Outside Japan, the graphics, game engine and script formed the basis for Pokémon Red and Blue, while the lists of wild Pokémon and game-exclusive Pokémon were adapted to Red and Green.


The player character starts in Pallet City. When the player character tries to leave the city without a Pokémon of their own, they are stopped at the last second by Professor Oak, who invites them to his lab. There he gives them their own Pokémon and a Pokédex, and tells them about his dream of creating a complete guide to all the Pokémon in the world. After the player character fights his rival and leaves the lab, he can win any Gym badge, compete in the Pokémon League and fulfill Oak's dream by catching any Pokémon.


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  • dragonheart0403
     63*** Biebergemünd
  • Larisita
     76*** Pfinztal
  • MaGruz
     34*** Kassel
  • Zordrak
     69*** Dielheim
  • Triss
     80** Graz,16.Bez.:Straßgang
  • Querillia
     48*** Rheine
  • Dreanus
     79*** Lauchringen
  • Towelie89
     26*** Bad Zwischenahn
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