Mad Max

Mad Max

In Mad Max, the player takes on the role of the titular character Mad Max; a dangerous melee fighter who can kill almost anyone with his attacks. His weapon of choice is his shotgun. He is supported by another man named Chumbucket. Chum mainly works with Max to build and improve the Magnum Opus vehicle. In Mad Max, there will be a variety of weapons that Max can use to defeat his enemies. Although the shotgun is Max's preferred weapon, ammo is scarce, so melee weapons are the better choice. The "thunderstick" is an explosive weapon that can be stabbed into an enemy's chest and crackles like a dynamite fuse before blowing up the victim. The Harpoon is also one of Max's favorite weapons, although it can only be used in a vehicle when Chum is riding along. Max's Magnum Opus can be combined with a fast V12 engine and a powerful ramming ability to destroy enemies' vehicles and weapons. When you drive and aim at the same time, the game switches to slow motion and you can switch between targets. Not much is known about the vehicle combat and its functions yet. Mad Max will include a crafting system that will let you create new weapons and tools. In Max's workshop you'll also be able to change and modify the car's engines, chassis, wheels, bodywork and paint job. Max can also be upgraded, although the plans for this haven't been fully implemented yet. There are many choices in the game, such as whether he plays quietly or aggressively. Max can also get advice from Chum on how to strategically achieve his goals. However, it is largely up to the player how to achieve the goals.


Max must cross a barren desert wasteland to find his lost treasure, the Pursuit Special (also called the Interceptor).


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