Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life spans an entire life on the farm and follows the drama that comes with it. Not only do you have to build a farm and run it successfully, but you also have to build a successful life with family and friends! This new Harvest Moon experience takes the best features of the series and adds even more.... More animals, more vegetables, and more drama! What kind of life will you live?


"He wasn't unhappy. But he seemed to have no direction in life. One day I went to visit him. I told him about the farm you left him. Your son didn't seem to know much about farming, but he was willing to try. So I took him to Forget-Me-Not Valley." As the name suggests, this is the first Harvest Moon game to go through the main character's entire adult life, from young adulthood to old age. However, numerous years are skipped over in the course of the game. The NPCs in the game, including the main character's son and wife, also age over time. The game is set in a new location for the Harvest Moon series - a small village called Forget-Me-Not Valley, populated entirely by new characters. The basic plot is familiar from several previous Harvest Moon games: The main character, a young man, inherits a somewhat run-down farm in Forget-Me-Not Valley after the death of his father. Unlike most games, however, this one has a large number of chapters.


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