Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2

1998. HALF-LIFE shocked the gaming industry with its combination of blustery action and continuous, compelling narrative. NOW. Half-Life 2 takes the excitement, challenge and visceral charge of the original and adds stunning new realism and responsiveness. It opens the door to a world where the player's presence affects everything around him, from the physical environment to the behavior and even the emotions of friends and enemies.


Gordon Freeman is taken out of stasis by the G-Man and placed on a train arriving in City 17. After arriving at the station and escaping Combine troops, Gordon joins Lambda resistance members, including Barney Calhoun, a former Black Mesa security officer now working undercover as a Combine CP officer, and Alyx Vance, the daughter of Dr. Eli Vance, one of Gordon's former colleagues. After a failed attempt to teleport Gordon from Dr. Kleiner's makeshift lab to Black Mesa East, Gordon, equipped with the HEV suit and a crowbar, is forced to make his way on foot through the city's old sewer system. After getting a hovercraft, he fights his way to Black Mesa East, which is several miles from the city. Gordon gets reacquainted with Eli and meets Dr. Judith Mossman. Alyx introduces Gordon to her large pet robot, D0g, and gives him a "Gravity Gun," a weapon that allows Gordon to pick up and move any large object with ease. Black Mesa East is soon attacked by the Combines and Eli and Mossman are captured and taken to the Combine prison Nova Prospekt. Gordon and Alyx are forced to take separate paths to Nova Prospekt. Gordon takes a detour through the town of Ravenholm and receives help from their last survivor, Father Grigori. After making his way through the town and a mine, Gordon arrives at a Resistance outpost. Gordon is given a dune buggy, which he drives along a dilapidated coastal road to Nova Prospekt. Along the way, Gordon frequently encounters Combine patrols and helps one of the Resistance leaders, Colonel Odessa Cubbage, defend a Resistance base against a Combine fighter ship. After crossing an ant-infested beach, Gordon arrives at Nova Prospekt, where he is reunited with Alyx. They manage to track down Eli, but they also discover that Mossman is a Combine informant. Before they can stop her, she teleports herself and Eli back to the Citadel of City 17, and the Combine's teleporter explodes when Gordon and Alyx use it to escape Nova Prospekt. Arriving at Kleiner's lab, a shaken Dr. Kleiner reveals to Gordon and Alyx that they were trapped in a "slow teleport" where a week had passed. During their absence, the Resistance, which has learned of the events in Nova Prospekt, has mobilized against the Combine, turning City 17 into a battlefield. During the fighting, Alyx is captured by the Combine and taken to the Citadel. Gordon, with the help of D0g and Barney, fights his way through the city to reach it. In the Citadel, he gets into a confiscation chamber of the Combine, where all his weapons are destroyed except for the gravity gun, which becomes even more powerful with the energy. Eventually, Gordon is captured in a Combine transport pod and taken to Dr. Breen's office, where he and Dr. Mossman wait with Eli and Alyx in captivity. Dr. Breen begins to explain his plans for the Combine's further conquest of humans, contrary to what he had told Dr. Mossman. Annoyed, Mossman frees Gordon, Alyx, and Eli before Breen teleports them out of the world. Dr. Breen tries to escape through a portal, but Gordon pursues him and destroys the portal reactor with the super-charged Gravity Gun. Breen appears to be destroyed in the explosion. Just before Gordon and Alyx presumably meet a similar fate, time is frozen. The G-Man reappears and praises Gordon for his actions in City 17 and the Citadel. With a vague reference to "offers for [Gordon's] services," the G-Man puts him back into stasis.


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  • FluffyBit
     18**** Коммунар
  • Pacman
     08*** Zwickau
  • CedricB
     84** Unterstammheim
  • Raul_Ramses
     30**** Курчатов 1
  • Ano
     75*** Pforzheim
  • TheLambda000
     80*** Torre Del Greco
  • Oleg
     29*** Bergen
  • Adrian_Z
     32*** Porta Westfalica
  • CraftMovies
     27*** Wildeshausen
  • Andy_Awardian
     35*** Linden
  • Tobert
     97*** Bad Mergentheim
  • DeST_Pluto12
     52*** Düren
  • Towelie89
     26*** Bad Zwischenahn
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