Gothic II

Gothic II

Gothic II is a role-playing video game and the sequel to Gothic, developed by the German developer Piranha Bytes. It was first released in Germany on November 29, 2002, and followed in North America almost a year later on October 28, 2003. The game was published by JoWooD Entertainment and Atari.


The nameless hero is told by Xardas about the new danger, an army of evil that has gathered in the Valley of Mines and is led by dragons. Xardas sends the hero to Lord Hagen, the leader of the paladins, to get the Eye of Innos, an artifact that allows to talk to the dragons and learn more about their motivation. The nameless hero makes his way to the city of Khorinis, and after finding a way to enter the city, he learns that he must join one of the factions - the Militia, the Fire Mages or the Mercenaries - to gain access to Lord Hagen. When he finally meets the head of the Paladins, the nameless hero is first sent to the Mines Valley, now overrun by orcs, to bring back evidence of the dragons. In the castle, the former old camp, Garond leads the mission of the paladins. He also knows about the dragons, as the castle has already been attacked by them, but is only willing to write a report about it for Lord Hagen after the nameless hero has gathered information about the situation in the mines. When the hero leaves the valley with the note about the dragons, the evil forces have already become aware of his quest. There are seekers scattered all over the island, whose goal is to kill him. With the note in hand, Lord Hagen is ready to give the hero the Eye of Innos and sends him to the Monastery of the Fire Mages to get it. But just before the hero gets there, the eye is stolen. The hero pursues the thief, but arrives just in time to see seekers destroy the Eye of Innos. A blacksmith is able to repair the amulet, but for the magical power to be restored, a ritual with high mages representing the three gods is necessary. Vatras, the water mage, prepares the ritual and represents Adanos. Xardas, the former fire mage, represents Beliar and Pyrokar, the chief of the fire mages, reluctantly participates in the ritual to represent Innos. The mages succeed in restoring the power of the Eye of Innos and so the hero can go back to the valley to destroy the four dragons that live there. After killing all the dragons, the hero travels to Xardas' tower to report to him, but the mage has disappeared. Lester gives the hero a message from Xardas, telling him to find more information in the Fire Mages' Monastery in the book "The Halls of Irdorath". The book contains a sea map that shows the way to the island of Irdorath, one of the ancient temples of Beliar that once disappeared. The hero assembles a crew and gets a ship and a captain to sail to Irdorath and face the leader of the dragons - the undead dragon.


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  • olKreipaP
     75*** Pforzheim
  • Rala
     34*** Kassel
  • CedricB
     84** Unterstammheim
  • Bekeser
     40*** Langenfeld
  • MavByte
     12*** Berlin
  • Pad24
     21*** Bleckede
  • JupJupJaJa
     30*** Hannover
  • BetterDodgeNidaQ
     78*** Wurmlingen
  • Simmonkel
     14*** Werder (Havel)
  • MilanXDante
     41**** Sosnowiec
  • Oboro86
     76*** Gernsbach
  • JuergensC
     59*** Hamm
  • Dreanus
     79*** Lauchringen
  • Anu
     57*** Finnentrop
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