Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI is the sixth main installment of the Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Square. It was the last title in the series with two-dimensional graphics and the first story that didn't revolve around crystals. The game offers players up to fourteen playable characters, the largest cast in the series, and features the Active Time Battle pseudo-move-based menu command system. A party can consist of up to four characters, but some events require the player to create and switch between three different groups of up to four characters. Each character has a unique command ability, such as Terra's Trance, Locke's Thief, Edgar's Tools, or Sabin's Lightning, and can also learn spells by accumulating AP from battles with Magieit. Each character's rare Desperation attack activates randomly after you use the attack command if you have critical health.


Final Fantasy VI revolves around the conflict between the Gestahlian Empire, which is conquering the world, and a rebel group that opposes it, the Returners. The Empire has gained great power by experimenting on captured Espers, magical creatures of legend. The Returners seek magical power to fight the Empire on equal terms, and a former Imperial soldier with amnesia, Terra Branford, proves key to both sides' understanding of magic and Espers.


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  • dragonheart0403
     63*** Biebergemünd
  • Horrorkid88
     73*** Aalen
  • Mio_Lunar
     99*** Nordhausen
  • EizZ
     63*** Hanau
  • Andy_Awardian
     35*** Linden
  • Charlychi
     42*** Solingen
  • Sam
     45*** Essen
  • Kalyndra
     41*** Grevenbroich
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