Dishonored is an addictive first-person action game that puts you in the role of a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. Dishonored's flexible combat system lets you creatively take out your targets by combining the supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets at your disposal. Pursue your enemies under the cover of darkness or attack them ruthlessly head-on with weapons drawn. The outcome of each mission depends on the decisions you make.


Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial whaling town where strange steampunk-inspired technology and otherworldly forces coexist in the shadows. You are the once trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. When she was assassinated, you became a notorious assassin known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, with the city ravaged by a plague and ruled by a corrupt government armed with industrial technology, dark forces conspire to give you abilities beyond those of an ordinary human - but at what cost? The truth behind your betrayal is as opaque as the waters surrounding the city, and the life you once had is lost forever


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     55*** Bad Kreuznach
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     78*** Aach
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     10** София / Sofija
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     33** St. Georgen in der Klaus
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