Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is the fourth installment in the survival horror video game series Alone in the Dark. The player can choose which of the two protagonists he/she wants to play. Carnby is mainly concerned with fighting the monsters with physical means, while Aline is more concerned with puzzles. Occasionally the two meet and the main areas of the plot overlap.


Set on October 31, 2001, Edward Carnby's best friend and partner, Charles Fiske, has been found dead off the coast of Shadow Island, a mysterious island near the Massachusetts coast. Carnby's investigation quickly leads him to Frederick Johnson, who informs him of Fiske's search for three ancient tablets that can unleash incredible and dangerous power. Johnson asks Carnby to take Fiske's place and resume the investigation to find the tablets. Carnby agrees and makes it his mission to find Fiske's killer. Johnson introduces Edward to Aline Cedrac, an intelligent young university professor. She joins Edward to recover the missing tablets and assist Professor Obed Morton, whom she believes to be her father. While flying over the coast of Shadow Island, Edward and Aline's plane is attacked by an unknown creature. Edward and Aline both jump out of the plane and land by parachute, but are immediately separated. Edward lands in the dense forest near a mansion, while Aline lands on the roof of the mansion.


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